Night Mode from Previous Phone Settings Impossible to Remove

Green Tiger

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Oct 4, 2022
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I had a One Plus 5T phone with Android 10 that had a feature called Night Mode (THIS IS NOT DARK MODE), that use to turn the screen to a yellowish tint. I had set it to do so after 10PM but there was a toggle button in the top toolbar so I could easily switch it off. Now I synced all the settings and data from that android to Xiaomi 11T Pro on Android 11 when starting up the phone for the very first time. Now this setting is impossible to turn off, from 10PM-8AM my phone will be in night mode, no matter what. This is different from Color Schemes, Dark Mode, Color Correction, Reading Mode settings. Even checked in developer options. Downloaded MIUI Hidden features app, etc. None of them help. Please help me resolve this issue.
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