Nillkin Hard Case (Review) but Nexus 4 isn't here.


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Dec 4, 2012
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The box of the case is pretty legit, much better than I expected from a brand in China (no offense, I've been in China and everything there is cheap compared to American products shipped from China for some odd reason). The box is neat and is easy to open and there are two things, the actual case and the screen protector with a manual that says how to put it on. Inside the screen protector comes a rag that will clean the surface of the Nexus 4 when needed to put the screen protector on.
The screen protector isn't cheap but isn't made out of the best material but can probably survive a year or so (i've had a decent screen protector for about two years on my ipod)
The case is black and made out of a hard material. You can bend the material but it isn't easy. Not sure but it might be a little flimsy because it's thin and you can probably snap the Nexus 4 in half if you add tension from a hand but that is going to be a lot of tension, not easy to break. It doesn't seem to add much bulk to the phone and feels nice in the phone.
The rough back of the Nillkin (this is only available on some) adds nice grip and this could be used to help you not have the Nexus 4 drop from your hands.

Anyone know how to upload images from the computer? It keeps saying my connection won't work even though it does.


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Dec 15, 2009
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I think I ordered mine around the same time as you. Hopefully it will arrive today.

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