No disconnects since...


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Nov 8, 2011
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Before I wiped my phone to stock, I had horrendous disconnects with my Pebble from my GS4. Like every day, I'm connected, then the next day, nothing until I manually connected it. I did all what people said to do (re-pair from Pebble app, re-pair from Bluetooth menu, reinstall Pebble app, etc.) until I decided to wipe my whole phone and start over.

Huzzah, I haven't had a serious disconnect since then. Even when I bring the phone closer, the Pebble is automatically found. Then it got me thinking: was something hanging up the Bluetooth signal?

I looked at the saved list of apps I installed before the wipe. There was a lot, but the one app I'm sure had an influence was FitBit. Right now I'm syncing my FitBit with my laptop. Could there be an issue with fitness trackers, Bluetooth, and the Pebble app? Just a thought I would share.