No Flash Player for the Cliq?


Mar 9, 2010
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The Latest Flash player rumor is that the only phones getting it are ones with 1ghz processors and higher. My gripe is that Flash Player was the main thing I wanted when it came out. Since I got my G1 the day it came out there was that Andy Rueben video all over every single android message board there was. It was a video of him using flash on a G1 and it worked perfectly. Now all the sudden flash will only come on the few newer phones? That sucks, I'm sorry. Right now I own a cliq and a behold 2. I mean I love my phones and with some of the new apps I can watch way more online video's so I'm not so mad about flash,, but I still am mad. Couldn't they at least give us a lite version? I mean crappy razors have that. I just don't get it. I remember I had flash 9 working on my old G1 with a hero rom. But still I'm looking forward to the soon to come 2.1 update on both phones. But dam, that's just been dangled in front of my face almost 2 years now. Hopefully they'll come up with some cooked roms that let the cliq run flash 10. I hope so anyhow.

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