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No on screen notifications

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I just got my note 8 today. Switched over from an iPhone 6 plus. Still trying to get used to everything but I don't seem to be getting an on screen notifications. My phone vibrates and makes noise but I have no idea what I received unless I pull down the notification bar and I can't seem to fix it in the settings. Help!


Q&A Team
Jan 17, 2016
Welcome to the forums and to the dark side!
You have moved from being spoon-fed to having to do it all yourself. Android is a very hands on system, and the modern devices are exceptionally complex.
In any case, find settings... Notifications....
There you have granular control of all your apps and the degree of notification you want from each... You also have a great feature called smart alert which means when you pick up the device, it will vibrate briefly if there is a message or missed call.
You have myriad options and most settings you can approach from a number of places.
Best way is just to wander through the settings, if you don't know what one is, don't touch it, otherwise, experiment.
There are many articles online about your device, so a bit of research and you'll be whizzing through like a seasoned veteran!
Have fun and enjoy your amazing device! :)