no to iphone pt Ⅱ, webOS is brutal? hi android!


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Sep 17, 2011
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hey! so i've been using a palm pre plus with webOS 1+ (currently 1.4.5 after an attempt at 2+ didn't want to work yesterday, but ehh, user error i'm thinking, so i'm going to attempt again with a much better set of instructions & guide and with preware to get 2+ on before i root and android patch up my phone :-! ) for almost exactly a year now and i loathe webOS. there are no words. the apps (wait, what apps? :confused: haha), the wishy washy updates and lack of access to them without jumping through hoops, the unfriendly design of it all, i just hate it and i'm done with it. i've had an iphone before, i think they're entirely over-hyped for what they can do and i didn't really like mine. not to mention i can't afford a new phone, i've had the palm for only a year, to go buy another phone, even by signing a new 2 year contract, at&t slams me with fees. when i had to replace my iphone, the $99 phone became $250ish after the onslaught of fees for not waiting the full 2 years to upgrade.

as much as i really like the look of some of the HTC and samsung phones (i can't recall which, and window shopping makes me stand there thinking "awwww man" i just can't afford an actual android phone. :'( :-$ so rooting, homebrew patches, and all of that will have to do for now.

still, super excited! i have a friend with an android (can't remember what her phone is) and oh god she goes nuts with that thing. i get pretty envious seeing what she does then looking at my crappy palm pre plus minus.

and i think i have rambled enough now, hehehe. great to be here, so glad i found this forum! oh, and yah, if it wasn't evident, my name is sophie elizabeth or just sophie or soph if you don't want to say the entire mouthful. :-\

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