NO unlimited data plans with Inspire 4G!!


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Feb 28, 2010
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I wonder if buying off contract they would require you to do the same, I switch between my Nexus One and iPhone 4 all the time. Think they would catch on if I bought the Inspire off contract?


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Jan 3, 2011
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i am buying off contract but if my unlimited will be taken away, i may just pay my etf. i feel it is very unfair doing that to their loyal customers who were grandfathered in. they could have just added the 10 -15 a month to our data plans leaving those plans unlimited. no real reason to stay with them now imo.

Also not 1 hundred on this but when you long on to your account online, it shows what phone your using. i had an iphone 4, sold it and i'm now using a 3g. when i log online, the 3g phone is right next to my number so i do believe they know.


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Jan 5, 2011
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I'm wondering if I don't sign off on that/not informed of that at the time of purchasing, if it voids my contract?

That seems logical, no?


Jan 28, 2011
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Looking for suggestions on how to approach this... When we signed our last contract (upgraded to the Samsung Impression 16 months ago) we were told by the salesman that if we signed up for the unlimited data plan then and wanted to upgrade to the iPhone after a year, we could still keep the unlimited plan.

After going back and forth with them when my wife upgraded to the Torch last December and their refusal to budge on the unlimited data (keep in mind, this was before their policy change of putting unlimited data back on), we took a T-mobile offer to pay our ETF. Long story short, their coverage was horrible and last night we reversed everything with AT&T. Amongst other things, the primary number on the account got changed around and I suspect we lost 1000+ rollover minutes. The good thing was that the manager approved an earlier upgrade to the Inspire than the system was showing (Monday vs. late April.)

I don't know how I should approach the data issue. It was the same store that told me I could have unlimited smartphone data 16 months ago. I use a ton of data on wifi and not a ton via the network. At max I would use around 3gb...which I did while "testdriving" an Evo while driving to/from/on vacation in Florida. (Most of the usage was a combination of slingplayer and using the mobile hotspot for the 15 hours back and forth.) Any suggestions?


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Jan 22, 2011
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Just read the NEW ATT Data plan and it states.

"Customers with Retired Unlimited Smartphone data plans requesting to upgrade or switch to a 4G device will be required to choose an available 4G Smartphone Data Plan"


The story goes on to say
In spite of the leaked data sheet, it looks like AT&T won’t be forcing those with who are grandfathered into an unlimited data plan to switch to a separate 4G data plan. The carrier says, “Customers who currently have an unlimited plan can upgrade to a 4G device and keep their unlimited plans.”

For now, the carrier is saying users can keep their 3G smartphone data plan pricing. For users who were grandfathered into the unlimited 3G smartphone data price, they can keep that plan if they upgrade to a 4G smartphone. Other users can either opt for a $25 or $15 metered data pricing plan, same as on 3G.
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Ryan Roland

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Oct 20, 2010
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if you have an impression you dont have a smartphone plan, its a quick messaging phone and when you upgrade to a smartphone none of the stores systems will allow the addition of the SOC code that is for unlimited data on a smartphone. When you already have an unlimited soc code for ANY smartphone the system will allow the rep to choose the appropriate unlimited smartphone plan for the new phone since it in the same class. Unfortunately you were given misinformation if the rep said you could turn an unlimited QMP data into a UNL smartphone data. plus we didn't add this policy until June 2010 and your got your Impression around June 2009 so there was no way your rep could've known about the change that would happen a year later

I dont know what to tell you for advice except that you should be fine on the 2GB plan and if you go over it every other month and end up paying for 3GB every other month then you will pay annually the same as those who have unlimited. if you dont go over then you will save money :)