noob looking for root and rom answers i coulnd find for myself


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Mar 10, 2014
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hi, ive been doing some research on rooting my note 2 and it looks like ive opened a can of worms. i have a nexus 7 that i am planning on installing in my camaro and would like to make a custom ui at some point but im finding its hard to get the ball rolling on just rooting my phone. i want to root so i can tether my nexus to my phone while i drive for pandora and such. i tried foxfi but unfortunatly i upgraded to 4.3 without knowing any better. a few questions i have from looking at a bunch of posts on here and on noobtube are... does it matter that i am running 4.3 when i root my phone? would i have to download a differert .tar file or anything or are they all the same as long as its for my model number. I've also been reading and seeing alot of things like Bell and Rogers. i dont understand what those are. im assuming they have something to do with buying an unlocked phone to work with different carriers but idk. im also curious about installing different roms. is there a good video or write up that i missed on how to install one? and where would i find one? so far ive just been stumbling over them while doing research but is there a place where they are somehow listed? and lastly, about the custom ui for my tablet, are they created using an app once the tablet has been rooted or does that involve work on a laptop and flashing that to the tablet.
im sorry its alot of questions and if some of them are stupid, im trying to learn most of it by myself but its a bit overwelming lol


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Nov 1, 2013
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You need to find the correct rooting method and custom ROM (after market software) for your specific device (model #, carrier, firmware version). You should be able to find what you need at xda developers.

Bell and Rogers are wireless phone services in Canada.

I suggest going to xda and reading as much as you can about rooting and flashing custom ROMs. Using the wrong root method or flashing an incompatible ROM can brick your device.

Sent from my LG-G2 running CMB Roms 4.4.2

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