Noob mistake, Soft bricked my View on GingerBread, looking for ways to repair... PLEASE!!!!


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Jan 2, 2013
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So i had my View tablet Rooted and S-off, this is my first time doing any of this, so i followed some online guide. Followed it to the "T" and got it S-off and rooted using Revolutionary. I noticed that a few times it would get stuck at the HTC screen, but when i would manually reboot it it would start right back up. Then i tried to flash my first ROM, ViperROM Redline v1, and i got an error that said it failed to install. I had gone thru the steps to make a backup recovery beforehand, but after that fail it would not go past the white HTC screen, i tried to look everywhere online, i did a system wipe and wiped the cache and delvik and ive tried to fastboot recovery files that i downloaded but nothing seems to get me anywhere.. i updated the Hboot to 6.14.5556 i tried also to run the Shooter_RUU but it didnt work, cause i found out after it was for ICS and i was running GB. these are all things im learning along the way and i feel ed for even trying any of it, i fear i may have ruined my tablet... can someone please offer any assistance??

this is the info from bootloader:
Express Pvt Ship S-off RL
Hboot 6.14.5556
Microp 0656

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