Nook Color at 200$! - I'm in Canada and need a hand! (please)


Feb 26, 2011
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I know this is my first post, and although I've surfed on the forums before I never registered.. (But I am registered on the *Gasp* crackberry forums under the same name and posted this in their android section if you want to double check!)

This is a plea for help. I expect to get some flack about it, but if you were in my position, what would you do?

SOOoo without further ado, here's my dilema.

I've been looking at the Nook Color for what feels like an eternity now. The Xoom is too expensive and for the price I'd go Nook over Galaxy Tab any day..

Then Boom it goes down to 200$ on their ebay account and I'm so excited! So I log into my account and I'm ready to order one only to find out they only ship to the US... Yep.. Depressed much?

I looked at the Nook Colors that are available to Canada and they cost upwards of 280$

Is there anyone (in the US.. that's the important part) that would be willing to order one on my behalf?

I'll cover the cost of the tablet, plus the shipping to Canada! And when I visit the states I'd even swing by and buy you a Starbucks! What a deal!! (hahaha I could also send a bit more cash for your time)

If you're cool with this, let me know, it would be awesome!! And as a leaving thought, a good reputation would be a pre-requisite..

Thanks for reading it all! (if you did)

I figure posting on this forum would be the wisest, seeing as most people would already have a nook color! Therefore they could order one on my behalf... Logical eh? :D

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Nov 28, 2010
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I would spend the extra $80 it costs and buy it in Canada. I really don't think anyone would agree to this plus the time and money you spend on shipping and offering someone cash for their time.... I think you're back in the range of $280.


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Aug 21, 2010
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International Ground via FedEx looks like it might cost you almost $30 (I wouldn't ship this sort of thing via the Postal Service). I'm not sure that's really a screaming deal, considering you may be able to buy one used for even cheaper in the very near future.

That said, if you _really_ want to spend your $$ this way, I might be able to help.


Feb 26, 2011
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Yeah, I guess considering all the tablets that will be coming out in the coming months, prices will undeniably fall..

Hehe I was actually considering using the USPS for the nook. It's pretty much the only service that you have a chance to get duty free...

The way I was seeing the price breakdown was:
200$ for Nook (didn't think of taxes)
20$ for shipping with usps
10-20$ for your time (likely 20$)

Do I really need it? Nope.. and considering the time and effort required, I might just wait it out...


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Jan 18, 2011
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I was in a similar position to you a couple of weeks ago -- I ended up using a forwarding service that placed the order on my behalf, and then forwarded it on to me.

Cost breakdown was:
Nook Color: $249
Sales tax, $17.68
Shipping to Canada via USPS First Class Mail, $13.88
Service fee, $9.99 plus $10.94
=TOTAL $301.49

Basically, they charge $9.99, plus 3.9% of the total if it is over $200 -- took a couple of days to process the transaction with them, then 2 weeks to have it arrive on my doorstep. Well worth it to me, since any other option I looked at was a lot more.

The service I used is ForwardIt Premier US International Personal Shopper Service -- I have no connection to them other than being a satisfied customer.
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