Northern Chicago Suburbs Tmo subscriber - should I Fi?


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Dec 28, 2016
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Hi, all,

My wife and I are currently on Tmo Simple Choice plan with 1GB data each. Last I checked we actually used around 500MB/month each. We pay around $94/month - $80 + lots of tax. Because coverage at our house is pretty crappy, wifi calling is always on when we are home. We don't do much with podcasts, music, videos, etc. and if we did we'd download over wifi. We live a little ways off Lake Michigan almost at the Wisconsin border.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Avant and she has a Samsung Core Prime. The Avant was a halfway decent phone but is pretty much on its last legs - home button is shot and needs a new battery - and the Core Prime is not much of a phone to begin with.

So, I am looking at a few options: 1. Fi with 2 Nexus 5x's. +'s: Would save some money, add US Cellular to Tmo for time spent in Wisconsin. Could set up a cheapsky but complicated solution for our 12yo kid using a data-only sim and Hangouts, etc. Like the data pricing model.
-'s: Not sure if N5x is the best phone for us. Mrs. would really like to have an iPhone, and I'd probably choose something like the Moto X Pure if I could get anything in the $150-250 price range. She is not ready to deal with the workarounds needed for Fi on non-Nexus. I did suggest the Nexus 6P for her as it's roughly the same price as the iPhone SE but she thought it would be too big to handle and was suspicious of quality. A very big question for her is, "Is the camera as good as the one on the iPhone 3 I used to have?" Can't see the phone before buying - don't know anyone who has one.

2. Republic Wireless with a Moto for me and keeping her Core Prime for now. +'s: Cheap, more choice of phones. Attractive data pricing model, altho not as much as Fi. -'s: Coverage no better than now and maybe worse? No cheap solution for the kid.

3. Stay with Tmo and buy one new phone for now from their list, maybe the HTC Desire 530 or LG K10. I like the specs on the ZTE Zmax Pro, but I don't think my pants are big enough. +'s: Easy to do, just go to the Tmo store at the mall. -'s: Expensive. No solution for the kid other than to get an extra line. We truly blew it on not picking up the free additional lines the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I'd sincerely appreciate any input, especially from those in the Chicago suburbs. I hope to pull the trigger before Jan 1 so that I can write off one of the phones on my business in 2016.


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Dec 15, 2011
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I live in the Detroit burbs. Me and my wife are on the family plan. She is using a paid for 6p and i have a pixel xl on googles payment plan. We usually use around 1mb combined a month and bill is $80. The pixel is $32 of that.

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