Not all of my apps will sync


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I have a 1st gen moto 360. I can't get all of my apps to connect to my watch. I have whatsapp working, but I cant get any other messenger apps to sync to my moto 360. I am mostly looking for facebook messenger since I primarily use that. I have tried factory resetting it and resyncing but it still wont sync it.


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Jan 15, 2016
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My gen-2 did that once about 7-8 months ago. I tried rebooting, re-sync-ing, deleting and re-installing and toggling on and off app permissions. I cleared cache many times too. But nothing worked. I finally had no choice but to factory reset the watch and that fixed it. It ran great after that.... using Verizons Message+ app.

The next problem I had was about a month ago with the latest Verizon update to their Message+ app. It just would not receive text messages. I tried the above steps once again, without success. I de-activated Verizon message+ and installed Android messages and its been great, it even works better in a lot of ways. Voice recognized texting is noticeably faster.

FWIW... I tried whatsapp for about a week and just didn't care for it. Theres just too much social-media in its DNA for my comfort and bigger than I need a texting app to be. I never really had it long enough, but I wonder if there's any part of it that blocks (or conflicts) text-notifications from other apps? Android wear is funny like that... I have a couple DZ09 smart watches and I never could get their native apps to work in parallel with AW 1.0