Not receiving Facebook notifications (and other notification issues) after Oreo upgrade

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Hi, I upgraded to Oreo this morning and no longer receive Facebook notifications. The dot circle does not appear. Any thoughts? notifications are enabled.

I have two other issues with notifications - one is that when I long press an app, I don't have the small "i" option to click on info.

The other is that if I have lets say 7 emails, and I open the email app, and read 1 email, before Oreo I'd go back to the home screen and see a #6 , to show me I have 6 unread emails. Now, if I open the app, even if I don't read an email, the number goes away. I really like to know how many unread emails (and other notifications - messenger, instragram, etc...) I have.

Basically, I like to see what I have left to pay attention to, and now when I look at my phone, it looks like I'm all caught up!

Samsung 8