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Not recieving text messages

Rijul dhingra

New member
Jun 21, 2018
Device : OnePlus 3T
Duration : Two weeks

Details :
So to tell you guys first, i was starting my taste in rooting and experimenting with the OS and ended up bricking my phone, probably due to dirty flashing. Recovered it through the msm recovery tool, with some guidance.

However, once the recovery was done, and my phone was as good as new (stock os - version 3.x)(android 6.0) I manually flashed the latest oxygen OS (v5.x) (android 8.0).

Since then, I haven't been recieving text messages on this device. I tried inserting the sim into another device and it worked fine. Also, i get 2-3 messages, immediately after I reboot, after which I dont recieve any.

Any help will be great !

P.s. I tried searching the forums and google for some similar problems, tried working their solutions, but in vain.
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Nov 12, 2012
I would text OnePlus Support. They respond quickly and lively have run into this kind of problem before.