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Mar 24, 2023
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My name is Evangelos. Unfortunately I have done the mistake and bought a S+23 Ultra in Israel.

Then I discovered that the Israeli version of S-23 Ultra has the following big issues (at least for me):

== It's not include the multiuser feature. Very big issue.

==A number of apps require to have and use the Hebrew language or present their results in Hebrew that i don't know any word neither i can unterstand their letters. I am not a Hebrew, I had lost my mobile during my stay in Israel and i had to replace it asap. I can't function without a proper mobile-unfortunately s-23 (at least the Israeli version) is not the proper for me.

==Apps that are available internationally are not available either in the Play Store or the samsung Store. Even when the are available they don't have all the features.

So, NOT ALL S-23 ULTRA ARE EQUALL. Be aware that when you will buy a samsung mobile it may not have all the characteristics that you have seen in the advertisement.

The local samsung Israel, from the other side, is Hiding behind the telephone and doesn't help at all. In the the begging the support department (support agent Rafael) they didn't even know what is multiuser feature and that it was included in the UI 5.0. Most of they don't speak English.

I am desperately want the multiuser feature at least. Any one to advice when this feature will be available in the Israeli version of UI 5.1?

My second option is to escalate the issue to Global Samsung. Can any one provide me the conduct details of Customer Care of samsung International? Or the conduct details of CEO of samsung International?

Then my last resort it will be to replace the firmware of Israel with the International one. If any one has experience on that please contact me directly to [email address redacted by Mod] . I will highly appreciate your assistance in this issue. The samsung boys should ignore the question.

I am really very desperately with such a huge company that is including the multiuser feature so late (it exists from Android 5.1) doesn't provide any information before people are spend so much money in a mobile. For me the mobile is a tool and not a status symbol.

I need your assistance, I will be deeply obliged to every and each one that will help me to go through that awkward position that I am.
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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! I edited out your email address for your privacy. Members can always send you a private message in ths forum if they want to communicate with you directly.


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Jul 23, 2011
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Of course a phone will by default be set to the main language of the country selling it. But can't you select a different language during the initial setup (or change it subsequently in the Settings)?

As for a multi-user capability, what makes you think any S23s have that feature? I'm in the US and my S23U does not.
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