Note 3 support binaries for building rom from AOSP

Shahin Ansari

Dec 25, 2013
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The guide here: has been very useful. I now have a working build environment on Ubuntu 12.10, and have downloaded master copy of AOSP. I need to know where I can get the binaries I need for Note 3 please. The guide is writen for Nexus, and I want to build a rom for Note 3. The tutorial mentiones four binary files for WiFi/Bluetooth courtesy of Broadcom, Graphics courtesy of Imagination Technologies, Orientation Sensor courtesy of Invensense, and CDMA/LTE courtesy of Samsung. I don't know if I can use any of the same files, or I need new ones and where to get them.


AC Moderator All-Star
Nov 25, 2010
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Since this isn't a Nexus device where the binaries are provided by Google the developers have to pull them directly from the device. I have no idea how its done but I know that is what they have to do to get them.