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Note 4 After Update!!!


New member
Apr 27, 2015
I've read many threads about the update to the new software.. It seems to me that many people are speaking out on what's acceptable about the update, and overlooking the issues that many are having with it.. For some, the update has been nothing but a major disappointment and headache. The color scheme, the moving of certain icons on the screen, the speed of action when converting between task, etc.
I saw that someone mentioned that the update wasn't forced.. IT WAS!!! For those of us who who simply ignored the notification for an update long enough, our phones converted to the new software on its own. We didn't have a choice, and now many are unhappy. The suggestion of enabling negative colors to deal with the color theme, while appreciated, still leaves us with color schemes that can't be customized.. Its not about being lazy, or not wanting to put in any work, its that there seems to be no solution except to deal with what we've been given.. Which isn't an option for many of us.. I'm not saying go to iPhone.. I NEVER would, but what I am saying is, these forums don't solve problems.. They do help bandaid a situation, but samsung is the answer.. They have the power to satisfy the people. Call them and complain.. 18889874357!!! Let them know directly, that we are unhappy.
I am not trying to create issues within this forum, but if you're happy with the update, Kudos!! And keep it moving. Simply respect that some of us aren't. Thanks

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B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
We certainly don't want anyone disrespecting anyone else on these forums, so apologies if you've encountered that. If you feel you've been disrespected, please click on the Report button at the upper right of a post that looks like an exclamation point inside a triangle, and send a message to the Moderators about it.

The Lollipop update on the Note 4 (and on other Samsung devices) seems to be fairly problematic on various levels--ranging from aesthetic choices to downright glitches. For some issues, there can be workarounds, but it's understandable how people would be frustrated about having to find workarounds. Calling or emailing Samsung individually may seem ineffective (i.e., what good is my one email going to be against a multi-billion dollar company), but it still is a good idea to make your opinions known--the more people who do it, the more Samsung will take notice.