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Note 4 Battery issues? Housing around charging port is bent out of place

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Hi there,

I dropped my N4 from quire a short height onto the leg of a metal chair. My phone wasn't charging beyond 70%. I went to remove my battery to see if taking it in and out would fix it and I noticed to my horror the housing around the charging port was dented and bent in, albeit I can still put my charger in there and still charges.

I replaced the battery with a Samsung branded one from a local repair shop and they look identical but it really doesn't hold a charge very well. I turn my phone off at night with 100% charge. Within 2 minuets of using it it had gone down to 95%. Its now 67% and I haven't even done anything on it apart from a minuet on Instagram and on the Internet for 10 minuets. Normally it would be at least 90% if that.

What is the problem, the housing which is damaging the port or the battery? I'm taking it to a service centre but do you think it will be repairable? Its only about a month and a bit old and was a lot of money!

Any help will be much appreciated


Co-Ambassador Team Lead
Jun 10, 2014
A diagnosis via a forum is hardly possible alas. Whatever is wrong with it, it will need to be put into the hands of a repairer for assessment.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
With laser printers it's not difficult for a battery seller to sell used off-brand batteries with official-looking Samsung labels. I'd return the battery and try a different vendor. (I went through 5 battery vendors for my Note 3 before I went back to Anker. They're more expensive, but they work.)

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