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Note 4 Won't Charge Fully


AC Question

My problem with my note 4 is i had a bad battery which used to cause the phone to power off at like %30 or %40 , i replaced the battery bought a new one it works fine the only problem with the new battery is that it doesnt charge up all the way to 100% with just one charger. I tried calibrating it used the battery until it drained to 0%. Tried to charge it again , it made it to %70-72 with original samsung adapter so then i plugged out the original adapter and plugged in another adapter from 72% it made it to 100% . I thought it has to do with my samsung adapter so i drained the battery to 0% again and tried fully charging it with the other adapter it reached 82% and stopped again. Btw when it reaches 100% (somehow) the battery life is good it doesnt turn off at like %10 or something it lasts around 1 and a half day so i dont think it has to do with the battery. (Tried : wiping cache , hard reset , reclabirating with battery status code).