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Note 8 and S7edge calendar sync

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Hello. I found that if I used Google calendar in my note8, the note 8 default calendar (s calendar) is able to sync with it . ( I use two calendars in my note 8, Google and Samsungs).
I'm still using S7edge while using this note8 currently. And up until very recently, my s7 edge actually syncs all the addl events I input in my note 8 Google calendar and is able to sync it across all the 4 calendars I use. (there's also two calendar apps in my s7 edge, Google and Samsung also).
I've Uninstalled and reinstalled s7 edge Google vcalendar in the hope of getting the phone resync itsekf when it installs, however it still won't sync from N8 to S7edge, but does work the other way around.

Can anyone tell me why it's stopped syncing?


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Feb 12, 2012
Thew calendar doesn't sync to another phone, all Google phones' calendars sync to Google Calendar. See if the N8 syncs to and from that calendar, then see if the S7 syncs to and from that calendar. That will determine where the problem is. (You can't fix it until you know what's wrong.)