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Note 8 immediately drops connection to primary WiFi but can connect to guest network

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Note 8 utilizing Googe WiFi: After having several failures while setting up a Google Chromecast Audio, i was finally able to get the device connected and working. After doing so, my Note 8 can no longer connect to my primary home WiFi. The phone checks network settings and states a connection, but immediately drops it within half a second. The phone can however, then automatically join to my guest WiFi network on the same Google Wifi, as well as the WiFi at work or anywhere else. Further, no other device has issues connecting to my primary WiFi. I have factory reset my Google Wifi, unplugged the Chromecast audio, fully reset my Note 8 network settings and tried about everything else. Trying to to complete a factory rest on the Note, but not certain where else to look. Any help? Thanks, John


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Look in encryption in wifi (in the router). If it's TKIP or TKIP+AES, change it to AES. If it's AES, change it to TKIP.


New member
Jan 7, 2018
I appreciate the response. However, from what I can tell Google WiFi seems to only support WPA2 PSK.