Note 8 on AT&T Update fails at 32%

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I've had my Note 8 for about 8 months now and since I got it has been telling me it needs to update. Every time I attempt to complete the update the phone will get to 32% of the update process and then fail. I have searched far and wide and have not figured out why I can't update the phone.

I should note that my phone is an unlocked phone from Sprint (i believe) running on AT&T.

Any ideas? I'm still running 7.1.1 because of this....


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Feb 12, 2012
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Bring the phone into an AT&T store and ask where the nearest Device Support Center is. Go there (it could even be in the same store) and ask them if they could please flash the update - just the update, not the whole ROM - for you. (I'm assuming that the phone isn't rooted - if it is, that should be about where the update should fail. You can't update a phone that's had a system change, you have to flash an Oreo ROM, which means a full backup and finding a way to root Oreo on it.)

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