Note Pro 12.2 P907 from ATT to T-Mobile issues, can I get some help?


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Note Pro 12.2 P907 from ATT to T-Mobile issues

I have this unit unlocked and getting normal data service from T-mobile. No issues surfing the inet or getting wifi access.

My issue is with the messaging app. It is locked to ATT and when I try to install the messaging apps from the play store, I get a message that this device is not compatible with the app. Several apps have told me that.

I basically want to send and receive text msgs on the tablet. I get notification that I have a new message, I can't reply though.

I was thinking about rooting it, but not sure that I will get what I need. I have rooted several phones and not a total stranger to that process.

I guess I have 2 questions.
1. How can I get messaging working in the current OS without rooting
2. Would Rooting even work with this unit to get me what I need?

I appreciate your thoughts on the matter!