Nothing Phone (2) initial review: something fun, something new

Daniel Gomes

May 26, 2010
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To be honest the grey clear back is nice to look at but the glyphs are a gimmick. Very, very few people keep their phone face down because it scratches the screen. And it silences all calls.

The UI is different but it will get old fast. People like to see colour and recognise their apps. I know Nothing's angle is to help you use your phone less, but then why have a 120hz AMOLED and a Snapdragon 8 gen 1 if your goal is to use the phone less? Doesn't make sense.

The difference between the 1 and the 2 is minor at best, in tell everyday use and not worth the price hike.

Sorry but a Pixel is a much better buy because device longevity is better, better cameras, even after software updates stop there will be plenty ROM's available for years to come.

Is there local support for Nothing in every country? No. Are there any accessories for Nothing? No.
Does it have Dex? No. Is there a case and charger in the box? No.

No offence but this is not the flagship killer we all wanted. Sadly. The real flagship killer does exist though: it's called Poco F5.
And it has a headphone jack, stereo speakers, a beautiful design like the nothing, has slimmer bezels, includes a fast charger and case in the box.

Costs €200+ less than the Nothing.

That's the phone you should get excited about. Nothing are trying to be Apple and that's a *bad thing* to be: no regard for customers, greed for money, platform lock in, overpriced everything, arrogance - all things that are *opposite* to the Android philosophy of open source.
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Jun 27, 2019
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I agree I think a lot of us agree it's a gimmick and I would not be using a phone and keeping it face down.. I can only see a few small situations where I might keep it facedown maybe at work.. but then again you have routines where you can just keep the phone on silent.. there's some other great phones available unfortunately a lot of them are not in the US.. I do agree I would go with the pixel phone... I was just watching the video last night comparing the pixel 7 to this phone and although there are some positives with the Nothing 2 the Pixel overall is more consistent..
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