Notice the new pen window apps after update and MORE MY CHANG LOG HERE

Jonathan Dominicali

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Sep 7, 2013
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After update u get new apps in the pen window
Also key bored changed alil, also emoji support

Looks like the blue in the status bar looks alil different shade also cleaner look

Tap to pay from Google wallet is not on board in this update shame on t-mobile

Lock screen full screen album art along with a camera feature ,I don't use shortcuts to all apps can't be on with the camera shortcut but yet u can add the camera as short cut make no sense why you would want that unless u don't use the shortcuts on ur home screen I guess

Wireless printing is on board
Default home option in settings and default messageing in message setting.

Other than that there isn't much ram seems to run lower by just alil bit and manages it alil better

Battery seems about the same

I did notice system storage seems to be smaller I seem to have more flash storage available

Wifi seems more stable

Blue tooth from what I can tell didn't change mine still gets about 8 feet away and it starts going in and out .so yea still stinks

Gps seems better but still needs work my arrow on Google said I was going the opposite direction but the dot was moving in the right way Strange but picked up my location quicker

Lockscreen seems smoother and quicker to unlock and doesn't get stuck like it did be4

2nd full day use of device with 4.4.2
And that's about all I have seen different ... hope this helps ppl find out if they want to update or not


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