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Notification Issues on Android 8.0.0 on Axon 7

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I have recently started using Android 8.0.0 on my ZTE Axon 7 and have been having many issue concerning notifications.

One of my issues is that I am having is concerned with notification priority. When they are on high priority and I am listening to audio, the audio will duck (reduce volume) when I get a notification, even if my phone is on silent. If I change it to medium priority, it fixes the problem but I don't receive the pop up, which I want in some cases.

Another issue I have is with the notification light. Some of my apps won't show my notification light unless my phone is not on silent, such as messaging, others won't show at all, such as Instagram (even if I've ensured that the proper settings are on).

Is anybody able to help me out?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
I moved this from the Other ZTE Phones forum to the Axon 7 forum for more specific traffic.