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Notification Light and Lock Screen


AC Question

I have two issues which are killing my experience so far. Maybe someone here can help me out:

1. Notification Light.. Your choices are either no light or a light for every single notification. Now I use light manager but even still I only want it to light up for only sms's and missed calls. Not possible on this software is it?

Also when I get a notification and unlock, it takes 3 seconds for the notification icon to pop up on the top bar. Thats just unacceptable.

2. My lock screen never natively goes to the clock/phone icon/camera icon screen... Instead it goes automatically to 'pattern' screen or whichever lock I choose. But below the pattern is the back button that takes me to the clock screen. It should be the other way around.
Middle of the night I hit power button to check the time... Theres no clock. Instead I have to unlock with pattern and look on my homescreen.

If anyone can help me out here I'd appreciate it.

Side note: Flicking up on the physical keyboard to select the suggested word often times doesn't register. Anyone else having this issue?

Appreciate the help.

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