Notification Sounds Playing on Mute/Silent


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Aug 2, 2010
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I got the Marshmallow update on my Sprint Note 5 the other day. Update went smoothly, and everything has been running great, with one exception. I wear a Moto360 and, since I work in a fairly quiet office, I tend to leave my device on Mute all the time, and just let the notifications I care about buzz the watch.

But, since the M update hit, my phone is audibly playing notification sounds, even when on Mute. I've tried using the quick setting button for Sound/Vibrate/Mute, selecting the audio profile manually in settings, and using the volume rocker to turn sounds all the way down. As far as I can tell, I have no control to alter the volume of my ringtone and notifications. (This also happens when I have headphones connected, although I am aware of the changes with Android 6.0 that are responsible for that)

So, my question is, is anyone else experiencing this and/or know how to fix it? It's really starting to bug me. Especially because I often get notifications every few minutes (one of the main reasons I love notification triage on my Moto360). I have been Googling different terms for the past couple of days, and can't find anyone talking about this specific problem.

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