Novice to rooting an LG Revolution.


Aug 11, 2011
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So ever since my friends found out i rooted my evo & flashed on all this extra goodies theyve started lining up to ask me to root for them since they dont know how to. Go figure. Im a noob when it comes to other phones. So i have my 3nd challege in the week the LG Revolution. Does anybody have a good idea of how to root this phone & flashing a custom recovery image? I prefer amon ra if anybody has a link for some of these things? Also this phone isnt going to be running on verizons network. The phone is the new LG Esteem aka Revolution for Metro PCS it runs on Android 2.3.4 GB. So i also need to change the splash image & remove the annoying Metro jingle. Need help! Thanks!
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