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Apr 5, 2013
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Posting for a friend. Recently took the NJ6 update and it's extremely unstable. Screen rotation non functional. Notification bar where 4G LTE icon and time is is literally blurred..and duplicated. So happy to be on the new 480G network! And random restarts.

I was going to suggest he doing a factory reset but I just spent 20 minutes skimming through forums and it seems like everyone's having the same issues and the factory reset doesn't fix it.

Is it possible to use Odin to go back to NC5? I've used it before to flash modems but besides that I'm a newb. This S4 is not rooted and prior to update was stable but had relatively poor radio performance (compared to my note 3) Would drop LTE and randomly go back to 1x..or go no service entirely in the middle of a call.

If I can use Odin to go back to NC5 (I'm downloading the firmware now) can anyone give me a step-by-step? Backup is not necessary


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Feb 12, 2012
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Run Odin.

Plug the phone into the computer. Make sure that, after a while, Odin indicates a connection to the phone. (COMx, where x is a number.)

Open the file and extract the individual files from the zip. Load each file into the appropriate slot (APxxxxx.tar or APxxxxx.tar.md5 to the AP slot, etc.)

Click the Start button in Odin. Wait for it to finish.

If NC5 had bad modems, you might find modem files from NJ6 (assuming it has better modems) on XDA. You can flash the modem files from the new ROM into the old ROM. (Same way - load the file into Odin and Start.)

Leo G

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Dec 9, 2013
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I went from NG6 to NC5. I had a problem with android.process.acore, it would crash and loop. Made the phone worthless. I did a hard reset on the phone, starting from scratch. After I did the reset I was on NC5 and all was well again. 5 hours later I had my phone back the way it was. I used the No-Wipe tar to do the job.

The problem I had with a.p.acore was due to a problem in the contacts app. They said if you cleared the data in the contacts it would resolve the a.p.acore crash loop. I wasn't able to do it because of the looping. So if you are going to use ODIN to downgrade from NG6 to NC5 I would suggest clearing the data from your contacts in the app manager. Make sure you backup your contacts either using a V-Card or Google sync. Maybe you won't have to reset your phone.

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