Ok dumb question, but why are emojis diiferent in my 3 txt apps?


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Jan 20, 2017
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Sorry for probably a stupid questions but I'm finding this annoying. I'm new to the droid world & I'm testing out different txt apps on my moto z. I've found that the emoji icons seem to be different on each of the apps. The built in VZ message+ has the nice round faced emojis I'm used to. The Google messenger & the Textra app seems to use versions of the same non round less defined looking icons. I thought icons might be shared or universal across apps. I'm I wrong?
Since we are talking txt apps:
-Is there a way to make outgoing/sent txt make a sound to indicate sent?
-I read somewhere that VZ messenger+ would let me txt from my Kindle, is that right?
-What are the best txt apps you can suggest I try?


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Nov 15, 2012
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A smiley is created by typing a colon followed by a right parentheses, a frown by a colon and a left parentheses. How your app displays those symbols is based on the emoji images stored within that app or on the device.

This forum, for example, displays the smiley as :) and the frown as :( [I actually typed colon ) and colon (, btw]

You can actually download all sorts of emoji character sets, each of which will display a different icon for the smiley, frown, and any number of other "standard" emoticons.