OK Google voice recognition stinks on 6P, how can I improve it?


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OK Google voice recognition stinks on 6P

I've had a 6P now for a few months after destroying my beloved Nexus 6 in an accident.

One thing I rely on heavily is OK Google hotword detection on the phone and on my Moto 360. Ever since I got the 6P, the hotword detection has totally stunk. I've enabled the settings to allow it to do thing while locked (and it shouldn't ever lock anyways because my watch is a smartlock device) and it never seems to wake up when I trigger the hotword. I'll hear the little dingding that indicates that its registered the hotword but when I speak it does nothing. Blank screen usually. Sometimes the voice recognition card will show but it'll just sit there at the "Listening..." prompt and never actually do anything.

The problem is compounded on my 360. Whereas before on the 6, the two worked flawlessly together, now my watch only responds to my commands about 25% of the time once it recognizes that I want to talk to it.

Has anyone else had problems with google voice search via hotword detection lately?

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