On my HTC One M8, why are my pictures showing as grainy?

Indrajit Mitra

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Dec 9, 2014
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HTC One M8 - Display issues

I have been using my new HTC One M8 for about a month and everything was fine till about yesterday, when I installed Instagram and post which I experienced the following display issues:

1. The pictures and videos re Gallery and on Facebook have degraded in terms of showing excess grains and especially getting distorted when I try to zoom them in.

2. Same for the videos which do not have a smooth edge around the corners and one an see broken lines kind of a view. It happens when you play a good graphics game run on a lower end graphics card.

Also note that the problem is not visible when the pics are smaller in size, but happens only when they are zoomed in. This is to add that they are not lower resolution pics, even the poor quality videos which used to play good 'previously' are now bad. The pixels break and the video playback is very bad. Even the pics clicked now have high grains and look horribly bad when zoomed in. So far I never experienced such views when I opened pics from Facebook, but now they are very bad to the eye.

Please help! And this happened moments after I installed Instagram - I uninstalled it rightaway after experiencing this, but the problem still persists.


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