On Samsung Galaxy A IMAP incoming email does not sync properly. What can I do?


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On Samsung Galaxy A IMAP incoming email does not sync properly.

For example under settings/accounts/sync settings the last sync is 1:38pm and in the email app the last sync is 12:56pm. The email app catches up randomly during the day and night. Outgoing email is sent immediately from the email app. Gmail works properly, another POP3 account works properly. Same server settings on my Samsung phone work properly.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Set the refresh time in the email app to none, 0 or off. That's push - the email comes in as soon as the server gets it (within a few minutes, anyway, depending on the server and your internet connection). Setting a fixed interval - say 10 minutes - means that you may sync just before an email gets to the server and have to wait 10 minutes to get it, or you may sync just after it gets there and you'll get it immediately (hence the seeming randomness). And it wastes battery unless you're constantly receiving mails. Most of the time the phone syncs to a server that has nothing for you.


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Feb 10, 2016
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Thank you Rukbat and that makes sense. I registered. I've had the sync schedule frequency set to manual but have also tried it on auto and different intervals. I usually have all my email accounts set for manual sync. On this tablet I can't see anywhere in the email app to force a manual download of new emails on the server. It appears to try to do that every time the app starts and seems to work for the hotmail and POP3 account, but not this IMAP one. Tech support for the server could not figure it out.