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May 12, 2012
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I won't annoy you with my tale of woe regarding my (shocking) lack of a Evo 4G LTE, but I wanted to see if anyone knows when the Evo 4G LTE will be available to buy for non pre-order customers.

Due to a number of factors I found myself without any phone today, I am traveling for the next 4-7 days and can't be without a phone (how sad is that) so I ended up buying a GSII (?!).

Number one, Best Buy Mobile was awesome, I have always gone through a 'Company' store (grrrrrr), but after my experience(s) today I'll go back to Best Buy everytime.

Number two (and most importantly), will the Evo 4G LTE be available for walk in sales within 30 days? I already have the media link and I am not terribly fond of touchwiz (I think it is total cr@p). I actually like Sense a great deal, call me crazy, you won't be the first one.

Thanks for any info, and if this is a dupe thread, sorry.

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Uncle Louie

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Jun 14, 2010
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No word on an official launch date yet, but I can't imagine that it would take them a month; a couple of weeks, maybe.

I can't wait! :D