One month in and happy but some questions.....


Sep 27, 2009
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I have had my HTC Magic on Vodafone for a month. I think it is great, so great that my wife's arrived two days ago and I am trying to get her up to speed.

I do have a few questions which I would love someone to help me with.

1. GMail - great application and synchronisation but I don't seem able to see attachments on the phone (even with a trial version of office viewer installed) when using the built in Email. If I use the GMail app I seem to be able to download and view files. Is it possible to get access to attachments with the IMAP setup?

2. WMV files - there seems to be a limitation to the size of WMV file the media player can cope with. Is there a better app for this. Doesn't have to be free.

3. Flash player - I run and cycle and use Buddy Runner to keep a training log which is great on the PC but despite the routes being uploaded from my Android phone I cannot see the log because it requires flash player. Is there an alternative to Adobe's flash or does anyone know when Adobe are going to release its version of flash for Andoid?

4. Music - I copy and pasted some music from my PC but some will not play on the media player. Some of the stuff will be normal MP3 but some may well have been ripped by I-Tunes. Is there a more versatile medi player which can cope with more formats than the standard player.

5. What are donut and cupcake?

I have searched the market place for apps to meet my needs but either can't find any or find too many to be able to get the ight answer.

Can anyone help with the above?

Rusty Shackelford

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Oct 20, 2009
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1- Should depending on size and file format.

2- Use a program called "handbreak" to convert files from dvd to mp4. Use the iphone settings and than decrease the screen size a little to get the video running more smoothly. There are several media viewers in the market, but they are all similar. Another thing that may reduce choppiness is to use an ap in the market place called "taskiller" that will shut off any unnecessary programs running in the background freeing up processing power.

3- Flash is rumored to be in future builds of the android os, but not confirmed yet. I'm not aware of any workaround. :(

4- Search for a program called "doubleTwist". it will not only make the file transfer less painful, and might eliminate compatibility issues with music from iTunes.

5- Cupcake and Donut are the code names for the android os builds.
-Cupcake = os build 1.5
-Donut = os build 1.6 (Current Build)
-Eclair = os build 2.0 (Motorola Droid will be shipping with this build)

Good luck with your search. Hope this helps. :)


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Oct 21, 2009
1. Using IMAP the mail message and attachments aren't fully downloaded to the phone, you should see a button to download the rest of the message.

2. What Rusty said

3. Adobe should be releasing their full flash player for mobile shortly. Other than that let me know if you find something.

4. DoubleTwist will not remove the restrictions on the iTunes music. Some of my music plays and some doesn't.

5. What he said.
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Oct 17, 2009
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oh, and if you're searching, the encoding app is called handbrake...just in case the misspelling doesn't work in a search or something. :)

it's a good app, personally i've been using Format Factory to change codecs as handbrake was making a mess of my divx to h.264 conversions. (putting stuff on a zuneHD)

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