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OnePlus and location services?


New member
Dec 9, 2014
I'm considering the OnePlus 8 Pro but I'm curious about the GPS performance. I keep seeing stories online about OnePlus throttling background services and I'm wondering if that includes location services. I tried the Axon 10 Pro last fall and while overall it wasn't a bad phone it had so many minor annoyances that I sent it back. I attributed almost all of them to aggressive background services battery restrictions. The one that killed it for me was that location services didn't seem to run in the background. GPS took forever to get a lock when using Maps, location history might have only caught a quarter of my stops during the day, and none of the geofencing features worked well at all. I'd like to know how OnePlus phones behave in relation to this?
How about something simple like remembering volume levels for Bluetooth devices? Every time you connected the Axon, the volume was turned down. I assume maybe that was intentional for hearing safety but still annoying. Do OnePlus phones work as expected?