News OnePlus Open review: The best foldable you won't buy


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Aug 3, 2017
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I'd argue the Honor Magic V2 or VS2 are the best foldable. The V2 is due Q1 2024 in Western markets.

Both are much slimmer than the OnePlus One.

It's unclear if the software is better tha OnePlus' Oxygen OS though.

Stanley Kubrick

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Jun 14, 2011
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Pre-ordered mine yesterday! All of the reviews so far have more than positive...even this one! Sure there will be a few software glitches but I have had several OnePlus phones and they all have worked great for me. OnePlus has always updated/upgraded and fixed bugs in a timely fashion. Yes, they only do by-monthly updates but that is fine with me. Using the official OnePlus site for the pre-order and trading in a phone brought the price down to a little over 9 bills with tax. So it's up to you, all foldables are $$$$$$$ and I feel that this will be a good choice. Also, slap Nova Prime on it and most of the configuration issues go bye-bye!!!
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