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Nov 27, 2016
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I have a moto x pure and it died today thanks to the charging port and now I'm on the market for a new phone. My first few phones were motorola and I never liked them too much, then I tried the samsung galaxy s3 years ago and love it but had to replace it because I wanted android auto. Well, went back to moto as I was looking for an unlocked cheap phone and got the x pure and never liked it.
Now that I want to come back to samsung I found out that the glass on galaxy s7 and the s8 break easily and now I don't know what else I could get. I'm not really a fan of the infinite screen but I like big phones so I was actually looking at the s8+.

Does the screen really brake that easy?

What other phones are similar to samsung that doesn't have this screen issues?

Is there a way to avoid breaking the screen with a screen protector or a good cover?

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 19, 2018
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I'm not sure that it breaks more easily than any other phone. But if it does it's expensive to get fixed.

There's some debate about screen protectors for these; mine has a case which just extrudes above the level of the screen giving it protection were it to fall and land "sideways" or "face down, flat" but if it fell onto e.g. a stone, screen first, it would presumably be smashed to pieces.

My other phone choice at the time would have been the Google Pixel which was similar money but I didn't want something quite so closely tied in with Google.


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Jun 26, 2018
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I currently have the Galaxy s8 plus & love it had this phone for over 5 months now...but i never broke my screen or the back of it yet. I also have the insurance added to mine incase something happens though too. I also use a zagg sapphire diamond (i think i
this is what it's called) screen protector on it & have had no issues what so ever w/ it.