oppo find 7a built in email app malfunctioning

Umer Salam

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Mar 4, 2016
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I have synced my oppo find7a with microsoft exchange and have been receiving emails. A few days back an issue incured where I am still recieving emails but when I open them they keep on loading. No settings were disturbed. Any suggestions ?

zuben el genubi

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Jan 24, 2011
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What OS? The original Find 7 and 7a had a non-unified partition that you had to work around or root the phone (per Oppo forum) The original came with Android 4.3 and could not be updated without root. I think later models might have fixed the problem.

I have a Find 7. I had a very similar problem with both Chomp and Textra. They'd work for a bit. then no texts would come through. I finally gave in and got apps to make the default text work the way I wanted. My phone used Color OS. I never changed it. Decided the text issue was a quirk in Color OS.

Have you reset? Deleted and reinstalled Exchange?

Oppo does have a very lively, international, and informative forum.