Optical Touchscreen doesnt work with MXIII TV-Box - any idea ?


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I plan to replace my old Neo X5 with a new and more powerful Android 5 device. After some researches I chose the MXIII 4K TV Box.
The Monitor to be used is an Iiymama T2250MS with a built in Quanta Optical Touchscreen, connected to the Box via USB.
At the Neo X5 the device worked without any problems - i just had to write some idc files to 'tell' the box the corret Type for Multitouch function.
With the new box now I stand in front of a big ridicle. The Quanta Touchscreen device is detected (visible with a lsusb equivalent App) - but there is no function at all. No reaction, no mouse pointer, nothing.

Does anyone in this forum have any idea what to do to get these two parts working together ?!? Sad enough I am no Android expert - nor a linux expert either. So I an quite helpless at the moment.........

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