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optimizing app 1 of 1.

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My phone does this after i shut it down and open again. i did factory reset , it was good for 5 or 6 days and then it started to happen again. its really annoying because it takes 15-20 minutes to open. what should i do?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
I've been seeing a number of threads mentioning that this could be due to the Zedge app. Uninstall it, if you have it on your phone.


New member
May 21, 2018
My LGV10 does this every time I restart the phone, or it Powers off. I do not have the caller ID Ap mentioned or Zedge. It says optimizing Ap 1 of two then after 10 minutes it says optimizing Ap 2 of 2. Then it turns on. It is so frustrating that it happens every time. I just replaced the battery, because if my phone wasn't charging all of the time, I did not have a battery. On top of this my phone was always hot. Does anyone have any ideas why my phone does this optimizing stuff every time. Is a factory reset the only fix? I'm trying to avoid the reset.

Thank you