OPTIMUS V OWNERS (or data/advice comparable Optimus models)

Nate Mcbride

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Aug 8, 2013
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I have an optimus vm670 that I rooted to 2.2.2 with gingerbreak and flashed without a PC with the V Mobile VM670 rom from google play store. Anyway, if you are planning on doing that the same way, please don't. I didnt actually delete anything i knew was important, Im new to this as of a couple months ago when I got my very first smart phone, the sidekick 4g for tmobile, and got cocky when I screwed up and fixed that phone. The VM is much more finnicky and unstable. The gsm radio does not want to be recognized because the rom flash someone deleted my imei and serial sim info, which Im pretty sure is required for the gsm radio to recognize your device. All I have is cdma radio and I don't know the difference, I just know the cellular talk/talk doesnt work because I can't even get a signal!!
If you know how to fix that, and the force closes of LGhiddenmenu.proc, sprinthidden... ssa.proc, settings(mobile networks sections) please enlighten me.
I think most of us would like a concise survey of our similar devices and the recoveries and roms we used, and why. specifics are great if you know them.
It will definately help me get some good ideas.

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