Order Declined BC Considered High Risk - Try Again in 30 Minutes.Why do I keep getting this message?


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Order Declined BC Considered High Risk - Try Again in 30 Minutes

A few weeks ago I purchased a used tablet and immediately downloaded the Hearthstone app. I used my Google account that I had set up roughly a year ago (for my son's tablet, no purchases were ever made). So using this Google account, I made my first purchase for the $26 Hearthstone adventure (Naxxramas). I immediately then tried to purchase the Blackrock adventure for the same price, and I got the warning mentioned in the title, and my order was declined.

I figured you could only spend so much in a period of time, to prevent kids from going crazy with app purchases on their parents credit cards. So I played through the Naxxramas and decided to wait on the Blackrock purchase until I was done. Roughly 2 weeks later I was ready and attempted to make the purchase again and I got the same error message, and I could not make the purchase. There was nothing purchased before or after my Naxxramas purchase, what do I have to do to make this go through?

Sorry, but I'm very new to Android.

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