*Oreo* Custom Navbar Overlays for Substratum [Paid]


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Jun 25, 2018
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Updated 12.06.2018

Hello guys,

I present you the new and improved Custom Navbar Overlays.

Playstore link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=paid.customnavbar.overlays

This app contains the following icons:

Center Clock:
- Condensed (New)
- Light (New)
- Regular (New)

Status bar
- iOS Dots

Nav bar
Abstract category :
- Dots
- Invisible
- Pixel (thanks to Georgio C)
- Xbox controller
- Ace (New)
- Mickey and Minnie (New)
- Stock Android (New)

Games category: (New)
- Legend of Zelda
- Death Star (New)
- Hitman (New)
- Witcher 3 (New)
- World of Warcraft (New)

Superheroes category :
- Avengers (Updated)
- Batman
- Captain America
- Iron man
- Spiderman
- Superman

More will come soon.

How to install

1. Install Substratum.
2. If you're rooted just skip to step 3. If not, you need to purchase the Substratum plugin, named Andromeda.
3. Enter Substratum, proceed to Settings and check "Sungstromeda mode" (After March security patch, this step is essential for any overlay to work).
4. Select Manage and enter in Custom Navbar Overlays app.
5. Select from the drop down menu what you want to overlay, check the on top box and press the "Install selected" button, located on the bottom of the app.
6. Restart your phone.
7. Enjoy :D

If you love my work, please add a feedback. Any idea is welcomed <3