Otterbox Defender Review


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Apr 26, 2010
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I will stick to my Seidio Surface case as I like the option of adding or removing the rugged case over it. I also like the belt clip on the Seidio cases better as it has a spring clip, not just a piece of hard plastic keeping it in there. I keep my phone in landscape on my belt all of the time.

However that case looks really really cool. I have seen those before for other phones and was not impressed with the look and fit. That one looks much better. I guess they improved them. I also love the idea of a removable screen protector like that. Is that hard plastic? It seems to work very well, cool! If I did not already have my Surface I would consider it maybe if it had a rugged option and better belt clip. Very nice. i:Di


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May 28, 2011
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Hey what's the 4 digit vendor code on the defender rubber housing. My baby girl decided to let my dog play with it in the back yard

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