OtterBox Defender s9 some nice improvements


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Jul 23, 2015
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I am impressed, OtterBox made some nice improvements to the Defender for the s9. On the outside it looks similar to previous versions but on the inside they have made some good improvements.

The plastic on the shell has been reinforced especially where the clips are. The inside of the rubber casing has new ridges that should help with impact protection. You can feel how the rubber helps with impact by bouncing the corner of the case off a desk and it bounces back like a rubber ball.

It's also not as bulky as previous versions it's really not much bigger than the supcase unicorn beetle Pro which I bought also, it's well built I just hate built in screen protectors.

The Defender is very grippy all over which is one of my favorite aspects of the case I don't know why they don't make the commuter and symmetry similar those two are too slippery.

Also I picked up the Defender for only $17 at Walmart. Win, win.