Outgoing server settings (email) not sticking, Sprint clueless


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Dec 16, 2009
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Hello all. I'm trialing a Hero. This is my 1st time with Android and I am impressed.

My outgoing email settings will not stick no matter how many times I change it.

For reference, I originally set the outgoing server settings as they have always been on my Treo 700p However, after some email issues that Sprint could not resolve they reset my user name and password under "outgoing settings". Everything worked great for a few days and while I'm still receiving and sending email, I keep getting an error when I try to email a video attachment. It says my settings are wrong and prompts me to change them.

When I do, I notice that my original settings are still there. I change it and finish the process but it keeps going back to the old settings.

Any idea why they won't stick? Sprint tech was clueless as to what to do.


Dec 31, 2009
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Same here

I am with another carrier, cellular south and same issue, neither my carrier nor HTC know what is wrong...very frustrating