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Dec 17, 2016
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I talked my wife into jumping from iOS to Android and so far it's not making a good impression.

When I set it up for her last weekend (Galaxy S6), I connected her Outlook account which is what we use for contacts/calendar and email. For the first few days it worked fine and then a couple of days ago her contacts all disappeared from both the Outlook app and the android contacts app. I've deleted and reconnected the account multiple times and can't get them to come back. They're all still there when she goes to Outlook.com.

I'm not positive, but it may have happened after I connected her gmail account. But even after I deleted the gmail account, I can't get the outlook contacts to come back.

Anybody else have this issue or know how to remedy it?


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Feb 12, 2012
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All contacts should be entered as Google account contacts - and you should have contact syncing enabled. That way, all your contacts are backed up on Google's servers. (Don't worry about privacy - prison is the least thing a Google employee will have to worry about if he's caught snooping in your contacts.)

Making them all, probably, Device contacts (which is the default, and shame on you for that, Google), means that none of them got backed up, unless you ran an app that backed them up. (Device and Phone store them internally on the phone, and that's all - no backup. SIM stores them on the SIM card - that's a carry-over from the days when the SIM card was the only 'memory' in a phone - all 3 should be eliminated.)

Connecting the phone to a Google account that had no contact numbers may have synced a blank contact list to the phone. I've never done it (no reason to, and not brave enough to), so I can't be certain - but the sync is two-way.

See if outlook.com can export the contacts as an .xls, .csv or some other universal filetype. (Outlook should export .csv files.) Google Contacts also imports vCard files from Apple. (It's not anyone's "fault" - Google can't give you everything about Android phones [you don't have enough space to store hundreds of volumes of information - on a computer or in paper], so they give you what you absolutely need, and you come to places like this for the rest. It's just better if you come here before you have a problem.) Now you have to hope that you get enough information from outlook.com's .csv file to fill in most of the blanks in Google Contacts. (More/Import at the Google Contacts site.) Then sync the phone - the contacts should come in as Google account contacts, and they'll stay synced on the site.

(It sounds a lot more complicated than it is. If it takes 5 minutes to create the file on outlook.com, she has far too many contacts. If it takes 5 minutes for Google Contacts to read that file, it's the same - far too many contacts. The whole thing should take 2-3 minutes if you don't know what you're doing.)


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Jan 12, 2011
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What email client were you using? I used the Outlook client before I switched to Nine and never had any issues with my contacts syncing.

I ended up migrating my contacts over to Google anyway but never had issues with the Outlook client. As Rukbat said the migration doesn't take much time and is a one time thing.

I'm very happy with Nine but most people won't want to pay that much for an app.

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