Outlook for Android and the LG G4: Missing Quiet Time options?


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Jan 25, 2013
was cruising and found this article here where the author has stated and shown the ability to select quiet times for the app, which I could LOVE to do. ( It's useless to have my phone pushing Outlook when I'm in front of my desk all day)

However when try to get to those settings mine look completely different.

Anyone else having this issue?

Referenced article: Outlook.com for Android - How to configure the Quiet time feature


Found a work around!

Set my Downtime (the Lollipop feature) to be my work day.
Then I gave the apps I actually want to have push to my phone during the work day priority

Worked like a charm! At this point the only thing I wish was that Lollipop would allow for multiple downtime profiles that could be scheduled. For instance so I could have a Downtime for the office, and a Downtime for going to bed.

Priority itself could be an option but it has no scheduler, only allows you to set the next X amount of hours as priority only. ( I know I could probably use Tasker to automate this but I don't know if there's a requirement of Root for that)

Double Edit: Never mind, downtime doesn't actually appear to be doing a damn thing. Even though I have it set for only incoming calls to interrupt my downtime emails are still popping up.
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